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SEOEA Representative Assembly Meets April 13, 2016 LaRosa’s in Jackson

Nearly 60 delegates and guests attended the SEOEAl District Representative Assembly (RA) on April.13.   The Southeastern –OEA District is one of the oldest of the Ohio Education Association’s ten geographical districts. The District provides a variety of services to members including  professional development opportunities.  12 locals from SEOEA, plus retired members and SEOEA Executive Committee members were represented.

At the RA……. Kevin Knauff was re- elected Treasurer; Connie Campbell was reelected as an At-Large member, the ESP Member to the Executive Committee position is still vacant, and a Student Member is yet to be appointed.    Brenda Lemon was re- elected to the SEOEA#2 position on the OEA Board of Directors.  The following County Representatives were elected by Acclamation to the Executive Committee:  Gallia County - Sandy Perry; Perry County - Dawn Vanoy; Washington County - Kathy Scimia.   A vacancy still exists in Morgan County.

Voted to endorse the following for State-wide office at the OEA Representative Assembly in May:
Becky Higgins – President of OEA
Scott DiMauro – Vice President
NEA Director 3 - .Kim Richards (Unopposed)
NEA Director 4 – Angela Stewart
At-Large Member to OEA Board – Tammy Koontz (Unopposed)

The SEOEA Friend of Education Award was presented to Senator Lou Gentile - SD30 - for his tireless work and support of traditional Public Education.   Senator Gentile was in session and sent an appreciation letter to the delegates.   A presentation will be held at a later date.

Delegates voted to support OEA Constiutional Amendment - to modify the beginning and ending dates of the terms of office for the members of the OEA Board of Directors;  and to support the recommended changes to the OEA Resolutions Document.

Locals who received the SEOEA Pacesetter Awards were Alexander Local,Athens City, Belpre, Jackson City, Logan , Trimble Local, Vinton Local, Warren Local, and Wellston City.  Each local received a certificate and a $100 stipend for participating in activities sponsored by SEOEA. 

Delegates also contributed almost $800.00 in FCPE donations.  Winners of Kroger Gift Cards were Brenda Lemon and Karmin Holzaepfel.

Hope to see you in Columbus May 13-14 for the OEA Representative Assembly!

Pam Smith - SEOEA Executive Director




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