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Summary of Actions SEOEA Representative Assembly - April 2, 2014

Westview Elementary - Jackson, OH

April 2, 2014

The Assembly was called to order by President Jim Wilhelm at 6:18PM following dinner.   There were 34 delegates and 15 guests in attendance.

OEA Secretary-Treasurer - Tim Myers gave a financial update and presented the 2014-16 Strategic Budget to be voted on by the OEA Representative Assembly in May.

OEA Vice-President - Scott DiMauro presented a legislative update and urged delegates to contact their State Representatives and encourage them to vote for the original SB229 (Teacher Evaluations) and not the version recently passed by the House Education Committee.

OEA President - Becky Higgins spoke of her travels around the state to listen to members - and encouraged delegates to support the OEA endorsed candidates for State-wide offices this year.

SEOEA Treasurer - Kevin Knauff presented the financial report and the budget for the 2014-15 school year. The budget is the same as last year's

Delegates voted to endorse the following candidates for OEA/NEA positions after recommendations made by Jane Miller on behalf of Screening Committee:

NEA Director #1 - Emilly Osterling
NEA Director #2 - Janifer Trowles

OEA Board of Directors - At-Large - Jamel Ammons
OEA Board of Directors - ESP - No Position
Delegates elected the following SEOEA Executive Committee positions (terms begin September 1, 2014)

SEOEA - 1 Representative to the OEA Board of Directors - Bill Van Pelt
SEOEA Minority Representative - Arthur Lard (current member)
SEOEA Ex. Comm. At Large - Molly Blankenship

*County Representatives will be elected in May.

NEA Board of Directors Report given by Janifer Trowles and Emilly Osterling

OEA Board of Directors Report given by Brenda Lemon (SEOEA-2)  Ms. Lemon gave information about Proposal 1 (regarding length of terms for Board of Directors)  to be voted on at the OEA. R.A.   Delegates voted to support.

SEOEA/OEA Resolutions report was given by Teresa Doughty.   Delegates voted to support the changes in the Resolutions Report to be voted on at the OEA R.A.

Pace Setter Awards were presented to the following locals by Belinda Dixon (member of Awards Committee):

Alexander E.A.
Athens City E.A.
Belpre City E.A.
Buckeye Hills T.A.
Jackson City E.A.
Logan-Hocking E.A.
Oak Hill Union T.A.
Portsmouth City E.A.
Trimble Local E.A.
Washington Local T.A.
Wellston City E.A.

Locals received a certificate and a $100 check.   To receive this award, locals must have 10% of membership contribute to FCPE and have someone from their local attend the SEOEA sponsored events during the school year.


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